About Us

The story of the Grassroots Moringa Project has been a unique development since all these years.

Grassroots Moringa Project is a an impact-driven social enterprise producing high quality, naturally grown organic Moringa products and helping the community involved.

Grassroots started operating in 2014 with the establishment of after-school-classes in Kampung Jawa Selangor, Bestari Jaya

Next, Grassroots has partnered with various local agencies and NGOs to successfully engage in many activities. The production of Moringa from growing and processing is done with the help of single mothers and needy communities living in Bestari Jaya and its surrounding area making their life better in several ways. 

  • Provides free academic counseling classes
  • Providing transportation assistance to hospitals
  • Providing temporary shelter for chronic marginalized groups
  • To carry out da’wah work in the form of social welfare.
  • Organize telematches, study tours, knowledge programs
  • Provide emergency funds for kitchenware, medical equipment

The Company

The Grassroots Moringa Resources (SA0447148-U) company was finally registered in 2016 to make the whole process of growing and production of Moringa Products sustainable in the long run. It sells its quality products with the GoodDeeds brand name.

In February 2018, Grassroots was officially registered with ROS and a working committee was set up to continue the Grassroots initiatives more effectively and consistently. Grassroots aspire to empower local communities using the following approaches: 

  • Helping young couples to start a safe, balanced and healthy life in order to reduce the risk of social failures significantly.
  • Provide child support and upbringing so that the younger generation will be on the right track to succeed in life in the future.
  • Inviting local communities to recognize the difference between aid users, helpers and aid addicts and from the understanding make sure they strive to be useful people for the ummah

The Grassroots Moringa Project encourages the locals to plant Moringa trees on vacant land near their homes and sell the leaves to his enterprise for processing purposes.

Seeing the supplement’s economic potential, Kumaran registered his enterprise as a business entity and sent his product to SIRIM Bhd to have its nutritional content analysed.

A sample was also dispatched to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s Chemistry Department to test its antioxidant levels.

“The results from both tests were positive. SIRIM’s test revealed that Moringa trees grown in Bestari Jaya were among the best in Malaysia, based on the product’s high carbohydrate, energy and protein levels. Its antioxidant content was also found to be very high”

Kumaran said, adding that the test results encouraged him to step up his Grassroots Moringa Project and further develop the Moringa enterprise.

The Team

Grassroots is an entity that reaches the individualism and passion of the group. 

Kumaran Nagapa

Full Time Social Activist

Pn. Masyita Mohamad

Social activist

Pn. Faridahanum

Social activist
Committee member of the mosque

Tuan Haji Mohd. Sanusi

Former Education Officer
technical adviser

Tuan Haji Mohd. Khayat Idris

Da'wah activist
Religious adviser

It all started in 2012 when Kumaran enrolled as a student at University Selangor in Bestari Jaya with the intention of pursuing a Science degree. However, he dropped out of university after he realised that doing social work was his true calling.

Through trial and error, Kumaran, 40, has perfected a simple technique to produce a powdered supplement from dried Moringa leaves, which is said to be rich in antioxidants and various vitamins and beneficial for treating diabetes and hypertension.

What sparked his interest in social work was the sight of poverty-stricken families who lived on the fringes of Bestari Jaya with a host of social problems such as drug abuse and alcoholism.

Almost 80% of the 15,000-odd people living in and around Bestari Jaya comprises Indians.

“These people were marginalised due to the prevalence of social issues like alcoholism and drug abuse and they remained stuck in poverty.

I also noticed that many of the children were malnourished which affected their performance in school.

No wonder there were so many school dropouts among them.”

Having noticed that Moringa trees (its leaves and fruits are used by Indians for curries and side dishes) grew abundantly in Bestari Jaya and its surroundings, Kumaran did some research on how to harness the nutritional wonders of the Moringa leaves.

Kumaran gave some powdered form of the dried Moringa leaves to the malnourished children here to consume and started seeing some improvements in them. He also gave the supplement to some older people who suffered from diabetes and hypertension and the results have been encouraging.

That was when it dawned on him to commercialise the product and create an avenue for the economic empowerment of the local community.

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